UCI Finance

Private Equity

IPO Opportunities

The robust growth of Chinese economy has resulted in many enterprises having grown to a scale that fulfils the listing criteria of various exchanges. Floatation can not only provide more efficient and convenient channels for fund raising activities, but also enable companies to enhance governance by creating a more structured and systematic management system and thereby raise brand image and awareness. UCI Finance possesses extensive experience in project management, resources allocation, capital operations and corporate listing, and can provide pre-IPO consultancy and post-IPO management services.

UCI Finance provides our enterprise clients pre-IPO consultancy services including corporate restructuring, assessing the financial situation of enterprises and providing guidelines to improve the internal control procedures so as to fulfil the listing rules requirements in Hong Kong. UCI Finance will also help liaise, coordinate and line up investment bank sponsors, lawyers and other necessary intermediaries (such as accountants, valuation agencies and actuaries).

Post-listing, UCI Finance will continue to play an important role in the continuous development of our clients as we will continue to add value by providing professional advices including strategic advices, mergers and acquisitions advices and advices on the most pertinent follow-on capital raising strategies (such as bond issuance, convertible bonds issuance, right issues and share placement).

Angel Investment
Every entrepreneur hopes to meet his “Angel” that provides financial support for his pursuit of his ambition. As an investor and an institution which promotes innovation and contributes to the nurturing and development of the next generation, UCI Finance provides angel investments to help young and ambitious generation in starting up their businesses.

Capital raising is undoubtedly the most important foundation for start-ups. When considering funding, we take into consideration factors such as the amount of resources required, synergy, industry technology and business models. When we decided to commit in investing, we will utilise its experience as angel investors to provide post-investment consultancy such as constructing business expansion plan, sales infrastructure and sales channel. The management team has extensive experience and professional knowledge across industries and the synergetic effect can create enormous value for start-ups in terms of strategic planning development, operational management and equity financing.