About us

Uni-Century International Holdings Company Limited

Uni-Century International Holdings Company Limited (UCI) is a company incorporated in Hong Kong with a presence in areas including Hong Kong, Beijing, Xinjiang and the Pearl River Delta region. We and our subsidiaries provide bespoke solutions to our clients covering a wide ranges of areas including financial services, real estate, media culture and human resources.
Members of our core management have been engaged in financial services covering equity investments and assets management in Hong Kong and other international markets for over 20 years on average and have extensive knowledge and experiences in investment management, capital management and corporate organization and management. Leveraging on the remarkable experiences of our management team in capital market operations and the proximity to and understanding of China and the Chinese market, and directed by our core principles of being innovative yet reliable, we strive to be responsive, solid and efficient so that we can deliver stable return to our stakeholders.

In order to contribute to the nurturing and development of the next generation, UCI provides angel investments to help youth in starting up their businesses that are of potentials. Furthermore, as a company missioned with corporate social responsibilities, we have been actively participating in social community services.
Looking forward, the continuous integration of the China and Hong Kong economies and the globalization effect brought up by the “The Belt and Road Initiative” are anticipated to generate enormous business opportunities for our Group. More particularly, stable macroeconomic growth in China and the increase in progressiveness of internationalization of Renminbi will be the major catalysts to uplift investment demand from various regions in the world, and we are confident that our Group will be riding on the high tide of robust business growth.