UCI Finance

Corporate Finance & Loan

UCI has been operating the money lending business through its wholly owned subsidiary which is a licensed money lender in Hong Kong and regulated by the Money Lenders Ordinance in Hong Kong. We fully understand that the corporate clients’ business and expansion plans are affected by the ever-changing environments and any opportunity can lapse at any time. As such, we are committed to provide flexible and high quality financing services with an aim to help our clients in solving its financing needs or to catch market opportunities in expanding the business.
With sights closely tracking the market, we provide customers with bespoke premium financing solutions which are flexible, convenient, effective and efficient in order to address each client’s specific requirements so that each client can, ahead of its competitors, grab every opportunity that enables his/her business to thrive and thereby realizing his/her ambitions. We are committed to providing multi-dimensional services to our client which include corporate loans, property mortgages, business loans, equity loans and corporate financing.