Future Development

We provide our clients with a broad spectrum of solutions that covers the different need of our clients including finance services, real estate, media and cultural production and human resources. Our brands and subsidiaries include Uni-Century China Holdings Co., Ltd., Uni-Century International Securities Co., Ltd., Uni-Century International Assets Management Co., Ltd., Uni-Century Visual Media Culture Co., Ltd., Uni-Century Finance Co., Ltd., Uni-Century Property Holdings Ltd. and UCI Executive Consultancy Ltd.
UCI has a diversified business approach and we exploit operational synergies among different business units within the Group through consolidated promotion and cross-selling of our Group’s different business solutions. Leveraging on the unique business insight and rich professional knowledge of our management team, and backed by a sound and financial status, we are confident that the Group can grasp every opportunity and overcome every challenge ahead. Our strategic plans are progressing in line with our expectation, which reflects our determination in developing and strengthening our long-term growth and potential. We have always been committed to make new plans and strategies which can benefit from the growth potential of the Hong Kong capital markets. Based on our unique competitive advantages in human resources and financial resources, Uni-Century is prepared and ready to firmly catch the many business opportunities in the Greater China region and Hong Kong.

Diversified Development

The integration of Chinese and Hong Kong economic environments have brought about ample opportunities in the capital markets. In particular, stable macroeconomic growth in China and the increase in progressiveness of internationalization of the Chinese currency Renminbi will be the major catalysts to uplift investment demand from various regions in the world. We believe these positive effects will breed Hong Kong as more mature investment platform for both Chinese and global investors, and in turn create more latitude for our expansion and growth.
Our Group is developing an integrated financial service platform through which comprehensive financial and wealth management services will be provided in order to the needs of our institutional and high net worth clients in Hong Kong and China.